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Greetings from California :)

PotatoBrickPotatoBrick CaliforniaMember Posts: 10
Hello everyone, 

I'm from California and I'm new to the site, although not new to Lego. I played with Lego as a kid then went into my Dark Ages like many people. In graduate school I had to do an assignment on a company and I chose Lego. From that assignment I learned that Lego was doing franchise deals and I thought it was fascinating. From that assignment I got back into Lego and initially went into collecting old childhood sets. I then went into Lego Mosaics, making art with Lego. I am now getting started into Lego reviews. It's an extremely crowded space and it feels almost pointless lol but I do enjoy it and maybe eventually I'll have a small community. My channel is here:

I plan on being a contributing member to the community and I have a lot of reviews ready to go but my office job makes things difficult ;(

As for sets that I enjoy I am fond of the modulars, Batman, Creator, City, and generally like nature and the higher-end automotive sets (Porsche GT3 etc). 

I plan on being a contributing member to the Lego community through video reviews as well as sharing info on this site. 

Thank you,



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