Recent postal/mail stickers?

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Hey everyone, I'm looking to build a post office so I've been trying to find sticker sheets that contain postal icons like letters and so on. I've found 10222 Winter Village Post Office, and 7731 Mail Van, but their sticker sheets cost a fortune. Have any more recent sets included any postal stickers? Perhaps a cargo train or something?


  • inklingbricksinklingbricks Member Posts: 80
    Well, I post this question after an hour's fruitless searching, then five minutes later I stumble across the answer. I don't know if it's worth leaving this up for anyone who's searching for a similar sticker, but it looks like the Winter Village Station has one in it :) 
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    There was an airport starter pack a year or two ago. I bought one on clearance for the mail stickers. #60100

    Has 2 yellow and 1 red mail stickers the size of the classic post box part. 

    (edit: it also has a mail worker torso among the 4 included)
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