#44359 - Cylinder Hemisphere 3x3 Ball Turret, Orange/White Marbled

samtheqsamtheq USAMember Posts: 47
I recently found this oddity in a huge lot of varied Lego that I purchased and sorted.  There are three distinct part numbers for the 3x3 Ball Turret on Bricklink (you can also use #58772 and 58773). You have to select the color white to see marbled ones for sale.

There are only 1 for sale in the US as of this morning.  It's listed as a "rare part," but not particularly expensive (I think around 3 bucks actually).  

My question is this:  why does it exist, and if nobody knows that, was there one particular set that it was found this way in?

It looks like the part was only available in dark orange in three sets (2 releases of #4478 and #4767), and was NEVER available in white.  So, that would suggest the marbling occurred in the manufacture of the dark orange part, right?



  • CCCCCC UKMember Posts: 17,797
    It isn't rare. It is just that those people have listed it in the undecorated / plain version, instead of as the decorated version:

  • samtheqsamtheq USAMember Posts: 47
    Aha! Thank you for that! That helps a lot!
  • AanchirAanchir United StatesMember Posts: 2,803
    I imagine part of what made it hard to locate is the fact that it's really red and white, even though the places where the two colors blend together are way more orangish.

    In general, one of the persistent issues I've found on BrickLink is how hard it can be for sellers, buyers, or reference catalog contributors to accurately identify the colors of marbled pieces — even more so when one or more of the colors is transparent. For example, Ehlek's head and spines from the Bionicle Barraki sets are actually a blend of Transparent Green and Bright Yellow, but the head is misidentified in the catalog as Trans-Green with a Lime pattern, and the spines are simply treated as Trans-Green with no mention of blending or marbling. And sellers routinely misidentify the colors of these parts in their listings anyhow, so 10 colors of the Barraki spine element are listed for sale on BrickLink when only three color combinations appeared in sets!
  • BrainsluggedBrainslugged England (the grim North)Member Posts: 856
    Last night I happened to spot that Jang had done a review of #7775 just two months ago. I watched it to see where that marble part is used. It looks absolutely amazing as the rear hemishpere of the octopus's eye.
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