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Possible Bricktober 2018 set swaps

colaycolay OxfordshireMember Posts: 297
A friend in Germany says he has picked me up some Bricktober 2018 sets, but they had no Avengers ones :(
They are limiting these one per customer so he may be able to get me duplicates, later in the week, but the TRU store was being very militant on one per customer. If he does, I'd be willing to swap a Ninjago or HP for an Avengers set, if this is a fair trade?
I may not get these in the UK until later this month though, as he isn't due back home just yet.
Anyone able to/willing to do that trade if I he's able to get me duplicates?


  • colaycolay OxfordshireMember Posts: 297
    I have today received the Bricktober sets from Germany, so I have on offer, a Ninjago or JP for swap for an Avengers set if anyone has any please?
    Lookin on fleabay, it does seem the Avengers sets are more than the other sets in terms of value, so happy to add value if it is needed.

  • colaycolay OxfordshireMember Posts: 297
    Still looking for an Avengers set or two please. Have JWs and Ninjagos (2018) to offer, as well as other Lego sets and or cash.


  • colaycolay OxfordshireMember Posts: 297
    @CapnRex101 please close am going to start new trade thread and title it better. thanks
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