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Power functions too noisy

kirkbauerkirkbauer Atlanta GA, USAMember Posts: 5
I recently built Carousel 10257 and added medium motor 8883. I then added a custom sound box to it. But the motor turns it so fast and the gears make so much noise that I can’t really hear the music.

Is there a way to slow down the motor so it spins slower and quieter? Or make the gearing quieter? The motor itself isn’t particularly noisy until it is connected to the carousel.


  • CyberdragonCyberdragon Maryland, U.S.AMember Posts: 368
    I assume you mean the coffee grinder noise of plastic gears. Lego gears do not mesh perfectly (there's a little play) and always make some noise. There's also gears inside the motor. Try to reduce the slop in things as much as possible without making it too tight. A little bit of silicone grease/oil might help if it's really bad. As for motor speed control, there's plenty of stuff about that in the GBC thread.
  • kirkbauerkirkbauer Atlanta GA, USAMember Posts: 5
    Sorry, I’m new around here. Where do I find the GBC thread?
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