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Issues with 10261 Rollercoaster and Power Functions

Has anyone has issues with trying to get the Creator Rollercoaster 10261 to run smoothly with power functions. Ive built mine and seems to work fairly well manually but once I try connect the M motor it seems to run smoothy a couple of rotations round but then seems to encounter issues. The cars either jolt on the main hill, but the worst issue is the first wheel at the top of the climb. This sometimes seems to cause the car to stick at the top of the climb and almost cause the whole mechanism to stick and creates the most dreadful grinding noises. Ive tried loosening some of the gears, but keep encountering the same issues. As I say its fine manually, but this only seems so obvious when the M motor is connected. Anyone got any fixes?? Its as if the M motor is not poweful enough to run the coaster. 

Also having difficulties with trying to get the mechanism that propels the cars from the station to actually work at all. It moves the cars forward but doesnt seem to have enough power to actually get the cars to the bottom of the climb. 

What am I doing wrong or are these just ‘issues’ with the design? Ive watched videos online and the coaster seems to run as smoothly as anything in these. 


  • justb1justb1 Member Posts: 19
    Is it seriously just me that has had these issues??
  • PisceanPetPisceanPet UKMember Posts: 17
    I haven't got my Roller Coaster built at the moment but I did suffer the same kind of issues occasionally when first built.  It quite often got stuck at the first wheel as you describe, but I went through all the gearing along the top and made sure it all moved freely and with enough tweaking I eventually cured the problem.  Every so often it did jolt up the hill, but that just seems to happen when the cars don't quite sit on the chain right and I couldn't stop it doing that.
    No, the mechanism to launch it out of the station doesn't work very well does it! To be honest I just used it with the motor and gave it a shove myself to start it!
    The only other issue I found was after having it on display for a while the cars stopped making it all the way round, but that one was easy - I dusted the track!!
    It is a fairly 'delicate' design I think, you have to be very careful how it is put together and you only need something slightly out of position to cause problems.
  • MrShinyAndNewMrShinyAndNew Member Posts: 233
    My roller coaster was pretty rocky at first. I had to double- and triple-check every gearing assembly to loosen it. 

    When checking for tight connections, pay special attention to the mechanism at the top of the hill where the chain goes down. That downward motion needs to be smooth, and tight against the gear. Otherwise, it can jam and your chain will snap.

    Every section of track needs to be properly attached. I moved it once and things got slightly misaligned and the whole thing kept breaking. 

    The chain needs to stay 100% centred - make sure the chain path is clear and nothing is moving it left or right. Finally, consider adding or removing links in the chain.
  • Phantom107Phantom107 The NetherlandsMember Posts: 54
    No problems with mine, I have two, but you need to manually put more or less chainlinks in to see what works, if the chain motion is unbalanced the whole thing won't work.
  • Pepster64Pepster64 Livonia, MIMember Posts: 17
    Strange as it might sound - also make sure the roller coaster is leveled. Even if it looks level it still might not be leveled. Like people have been saying make sure the track and everything else is tight. 
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