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MOC Hogwarts Castle - Version 4....

so here I am again, having yet another crack at a system scale Hogwarts. I think my very first post back in 2011 was sowing my first attempt and seven years later I am still trying to get it right.

the photos of all previous efforts are up here somewhere, but it is fair to say, while with fun (my first attempt was just a square castle blending together lots of official sets) very large but inaccurate (my second attempt wound up being 24 square foot and while a great looking castle was not Howarts). Attempt three nailed the scale but again missed the accuracy... And this we reach attempt four, the first I think to get the scale right and being to resemble the actual castle. There are issues with this, more locations within the castle would be nice, the angles are not quite right, but overall it is a decent representation, I think.

as I have improved as a builder I have begun placing constraints on my creation to help keep them focuses, in this case the price count had to be under 5000, there had to be plenty of play features, but also work as a display set, so having fully constructed building was important.

anyway, enough typing and time for a few very badly taken photos.


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