Anyone recently visited the Discovery Centre - Trafford Centre?

rawbobrawbob UKMember Posts: 517
edited October 2018 in Collecting
can anyone tell me if there is anything at the trafford centre Discovery centre store that i wont be able to get at usual lego stores?

Also, what is the current polybag selection?

And do they offer the sane promo items as typical lego stores?

i have a chance to visit tomorrow with my daughter but it will be brief and dont want to waste time if there isnt anything i cant order online or get at my home Lego Store.

thanks in advance


  • PaperballparkPaperballpark UK / KLMember Posts: 3,449
    There's usually a couple of small Legoland sets I think, plus they have a PAB wall, usually with different elements to the normal stores. You can't reuse tubs though.
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