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Deadpool head blocked open stud official or not?

wiggywiggy Member Posts: 351
The one on the left came with plenty of other official lego figures, but was just the head by itself. The one on the right is from my 6866 set so is proper.
Have I got a fake or did LEGO produce an blocked open stud version of the head?


  • CCCCCC Member Posts: 20,526
    It is listed as a genuine part at bricklink.

    However, there have been loads of fake parts bought up by BL sellers (probably unknowingly) and sold on again on BL over the past years.

    Take a look at these discussions:

    The first thread in particular looks very similar to the print on your left one, especially around the whites of the eyes.

  • wiggywiggy Member Posts: 351
    ^ Thanks for these links.
    The whites of the eyes is more ghost-marked on the edge rather than fully cut off with  a gap. It probably is a fake but be good to know, suppose there's no way to find out really though.
  • CCCCCC Member Posts: 20,526
    No, and that is a big problem. At least with the recessed stud you know it is a genuine part (although the print might still be fake.)

    There have been so many of those parts on the market, it is very difficult to tell if fake or not. The fake brand minifigures are relatively easy if you have the figure in hand, the fake prints on genuine parts are getting near impossible to tell.
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