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FS/FT (UK) Harry Potter CMF's

bandit778bandit778 Member Posts: 2,372
I wasn't collecting the Harry Potter figs as The Wizarding World doesn't hold my attention like a certain other film universe does but every so often, when I saw a picked through, half eaten box, I couldn't resist picking up a few.

I sort of figured that being fleshies I could utilise the parts at some point in the future for other projects.

As it happens, I may have got a little bit carried away picking them up as not only am I now five away from a full set (which obviously I have to now complete), I also have quite a few extras, hence the post.

I have already arranged a trade for two of the missing figures I'm after.
The only three I need now are:

71022-5 Luna Lovegood 
71022-14 Alastor Mad Eye Moody 
71022-21 Credence Barebone

What I have to trade are:

1 x 71022-1 Harry Potter
4 x 71022-2 Hermione Granger
2 x 71022-4 Draco Malfoy
3 x 71022-6 Neville Longbottom
2 x 71022-8 Dean Thomas
1 x 71022-9 Lord Voldemort
1 x 71022-10 Dobby
1 x 71022-17 Newt Scamander
1 x 71022-18 Tina Goldstein

All are still sealed and I would like any trades to be the same on a one for one swap basis.

Any purchases would be at cost (£2.99) per figure plus actual postage price to the recipient.

Thanks for looking.


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As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases.