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Advice on Gigantic Lego Star Wars/Misc collection

I recently just got back my childhood Lego Star Wars (And other misc themes-
a few Ninjago, Harry Potter, and City sets mixed with my Dad's own Lego collection from
the 80's) collection from my grandfather. I got 4 gigantic tubs
full of my childhood and a lot of Star Wars instruction manuals. From the instructions
alone I counted 77 Star Wars sets. I know for a fact there is a lot more in those
boxes, for example SW 9500, SW 9516, SW 75021, SW 6211, and SW 8129 just to name
a few.

There's so many more sets that I have that
are mainly Clone Wars. The point of me telling you guys this is I don't know
what to do with it all. My initial thought was to sort it all and sell it, but
the workload is so much for me to handle and I feel like it'd take me years
to sort all this. I'd like to sell them all because I know that many of these
sets still hold value. The bricks range from fairly great condition to poor.
Any help on what I could do to sell these sets and the potential value would
be a huge help, thanks.


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