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FS HP CMFs (complete set + extras) & S18 Classic Cop

LegolisLegolis Leeds, UKMember Posts: 219

It’s time for a pre-Christmas clear out. When the HP CMFs came out I had a bit of a panic and bought a whole box (and a few more… oops). I thought I was going to keep the spares but reality has set in and I really don’t think we have the space. At this point, with Christmas speeding towards us and the promise of Santa bringing us all more Lego, I’d just like them gone.

**Please not that unless stated prices do not include shipping**

I have one complete set (including Percival). CMFs have all been opened, put together and put into individual grip seal bags. Wands are unsnapped and in the case of Draco and Invis Harry their cloaks are off and being kept flat against some card. The complete set (including Percival) is £75. Postage is included within the UK, elsewhere will be extra. Given the value I’d insist it’s sent tracked and signed. 

Then I have spare minifigures (as above, all opened and stored in grip seal bags):

Cedric (1), Cho (1), Credence (2), Dean (1), Dobby (1), Draco (1), Dumbledore (1), Flitwick (1), Harry (1), Hermione (1), Jacob (1), Mad Eye (1), Neville (1), Newt (1), Queenie (1), Ron (1), Tina (1), Voldemort (1)

I’m just looking for what I paid if possible so £2.99 per minifigure.

I also have a spare Series 18 Classic Cop seeking a better home. Again we thought we would display him but we’ve bought so much Lego this year we just don’t have room to hang on to extras. He’s been opened and put together but unplayed with and living in a grip seal bag. £13

Oh and perhaps a bit of a long shot but I also have the HP CMFs box if anyone is interested? Not sure what’s it’s worth, if anything, but it’s no use to us. If you’re interested feel free to make an offer.

I’m new to selling on here (although I’ve been on the forum since New Year) but happy to share my eBay profile if you would like to see it. I can also provide pictures of all of it if required. 



  • LegolisLegolis Leeds, UKMember Posts: 219
    Just to add, I will consider offers. If not I'm going to Ebay it all at the end of the week. You just lose so much in fees with Ebay, if I can avoid it I will. :)
  • LegolisLegolis Leeds, UKMember Posts: 219
    Still have these left:

    Credence (1), Dean (1), Dobby (1), Draco (1), Dumbledore (1), Flitwick (1), Harry (1), Hermione (1), Jacob (1), Neville (1), Newt (1), Queenie (1), Tina (1), Voldemort (1)

    + the classic police officer

    Happy to consider offers just to get rid of the last ones. 

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