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Millenium Falcon #7965 vs #75105

JudgeChuckJudgeChuck UKMember Posts: 1,087
Hi all,

I'm weighing up the options for getting a Millenium Falcon at some point and wondered what other people thought of the relative merits of both sets.

My criteria are really to have an Ep 4 - 6 MilF, so am erring towards the earlier version, however it is significantly more expensive than the new one, of course.

If I did buy the newer one, I would look to modify it to be more like the original. Has anyone done this and what did you change, apart from the obvious dish?

One draw for the earlier version is to get an Ep 4 Leia,  and I am not interested in the Ep 7 characters at all. In the newer one's favour, it seems to be that the build is significantly superior to the old one, which pushes me more towards that, even more than getting the Leia minifig. I can always source Leia elsewhere, if need be.

Decisions, decisions...

What are people's thoughts on this?


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