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Mod Podge a LEGO box onto wood?

Has anyone out there ever used Mod Podge photo transfer medium to directly take the artwork from a LEGO box and transfer it to a piece of wood?

I'm in the process of building a LEGO table for my son (yeah my son ... lets go with that) and I'd like to LEGOfy it even more by taking the box artwork and directly applying it to the sides.  I know it works with an image printed from a laserjet printer, but some of the images I would like to use are on the bigger side.


  • CCCCCC UKMember Posts: 17,305
    The size doesn't really have anything to do with it as the process is the same for big and small. I see two issues: 1) if you do the standard way of transferring the image to the wood, the picture and all the writing will be reversed. 2) If you want it the right way round, it will look like a lego box glued to a table. The card is too think to look like it has transferred.

    A better option might be to photograph the box (or download a photo from the internet), reverse it then use that to apply to the table.

    Another alternative is to stick baseplates to the sides, as a handy storage area for minifigures.
  • SlicksonSlickson Member Posts: 10
    CCC said:
    The size doesn't really have anything to do with it as the process is the same for big and small.
    My concern was printing the larger images.  I'd have to go to kinkos or staples to do this, or have to piece it out on separate pages. 
  • CoopsCoops SuffolkMember Posts: 22
    For printing onto wood, you can use water decals printed on a laser printer. Most design software can mirror the image when printing (like sublimation). I run a small gift store where we personalise all different items. What about custom vinyl stickers? Any colour shape and size, even print on vinyl using solvent printer.
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