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[USA[ FS Various sets

FlanBrosIncFlanBrosInc USMember Posts: 37
Hello, I am selling off some sets from my collection. Here's an album of what's for sale.

All sets are complete unless otherwise noted. All sets include instructions. Each set has been built just once. 

1. Chima: $70 shipped. (Bricklink value for the sets alone, not counting the extra minifigures, is $70+ without shipping).
Icebite's Claw Driller #70223 (missing a single 1 x 2 dark brown plate, Razar's claw is broken), Laval's Fire Lion #70144, Crocodile Legends Beast #70126 (Box opened, pieces sealed), Cragger - Heavy Armor, Cape (loc044), Fluminox - Heavy Armor (loc075), Spinlyn (loc065), and Maula - Armor (loc085)

2. Scooby Doo : $90 shipped. (Bricklink value is around $100 without shipping)
Haunted Lighthouse #75903, The Mystery Machine #75902 (missing map piece), and a collectable minifigure series 3: Mummy (col045) to make up for the missing map piece. 

3. Maze #21305: $75 shipped
Includes box and extra pieces. Set will be shipped built. 

4. Creator sets: $25 shipped (*AS IS*, they shoul be complete but there is a chance I took a part or two for MoCs. Price is just over 50% of MSRP. All include their box) 
Mighty Dinosaurs #31058, Air Blazer #31057, Green Cruiser #31056, Sea Plane 31028 (new and sealed), Blue Express #31045 (new and sealed).

5. City sets: $35 shipped. (60060 averages over used $30 on Bricklink even without shipping)
Auto Transporter #60060 + Race Car #60053 (box opened, parts bags stil sealed)

6. The Hulk Buster Smash #76031: $30 shipped. (Averages over $30 on Bricklink without shipping)

Darth Vader #75111: $10 w/free shipping when added to 1-6 (missing a single Dark Tan Technic, Axle 3 with Stud)
Dewback (dewback): $10 w/free shipping when added to 1-6.
Brand new and sealed green 32 x 32 Baseplates #10700 (Six available): $6 each w/free shipping when added to 1-6.
Pictured Minifigures or Polybags: $5 w/free shipping when added to 1-6.
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