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UK Round Robin box - any interest?

CCCCCC UKMember Posts: 16,900
Is anyone interested in doing a Round Robin box again? There hasn't been one for a few years.

For those not in the know, it is a box of stuff containing one (wo)man's junk that is another (wo)man's treasure from which you can take some things you want and replace them with things you don't want. For the last one (four years ago!), see @silentmode's thread here:

The rules will be:
- UK only.
- Real forum members only - arbitrarily set as a Brickset member for at least six months and made 100 posts before today.

- When you receive the box, privately PM the next person for their address and also comment on the group PM that you have received the box.
- Each person can take what they want but should replace taken items with other LEGO items of similar value or type (eg: if you take three minifigures, don't replace with three 2x2 bricks; if you take a polybag, replace it with a polybag or small box set, etc). You don't need to check exact values on bricklink and do it to the penny, but just use some common sense here.
- Parts added should be new (and go in the "new" bag) or very good used condition (and go in the "used" bag). Don't put in parts that are in a condition that you would not be pleased to receive.
- LEGO items only, no clones, with one exception: decent customs from places like brickforge, brickwarriors or brickarms or customised LEGO parts (if you have painted a custom part or maybe adapted a lego part or similar) can go in the "customs" bag.
- You can add parts, minifigs, smaller sets (weight!), or other types of LEGO such as keychains, etc. but not heavy gear (or "tat" according to Huw's definition) that others are unlikely to want, including things like Ninjago spinner bases or Chima Speedorz. No instruction booklets!
- The whole package (including the box) should be 2kg or under (to keep it in the cheap 2nd class small parcel rate of £2.95.)
- When posting it, get a proof of posting.
- You should idealy post it within three days of receiving it. If you are going to be away then make a note in the group PM and you can be skipped and added back in later. Similarly if you want to drop out, then make a note in the group PM.
- If you want to, you can post images of things you have taken out here, but please don't post image of things put in as it should be a surprise for the next (and the next next ...) person.

To join in:
- Reply to this thread.
- You can add your location if you want to and if two people are in the same area then they will be placed one after the other so that they can swap the box without posting it (if you don't want to meet just don't add a location). If you know you are near another member feel free to point that out.
- I will determine the order at random (but also based on the above).
- Places might be limited, as I want to see it back in about three months.
- I will start a group PM for updates.
- There is no fee, other than the £2.95 to post the box to the next person.

So, any interest?



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