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UK/WW Trade: looking for HP/FB. Have tons of polys & CMF

JessyDooDahJessyDooDah UK Member Posts: 228
Hi Brickset!
I’ve been a member for years, but not very active lately.

Desperately trying to complete my HP/FB CMF collection, and would prefer to trade with the community than use eBay.

I’m looking for:
1 x Luna Lovegood 
1 x Harry in pyjamas 
1 x Newt Scamander 
All new please!

I have to trade:
2 x Madeye Moody
2 x Queenie
2 x Dumbledore 
1 x Harry in uniform 
1 x Ron Weasley 
All new and in baggies

I also have 60 x Sainsbury’s Create The World Season 1 sealed card packs for anyone who missed the boat on those, a shed ton of previous CMF (just ask), and these new and sealed polys:

15 x 852996 Club Max
2 x 40095 Micro Manager MMB
1 x 30229 City
1 x 30227 City
1 x 30265 Chima
1 x 30264 Chima
1 x 5002126 DC Martian Manhunter
2 x 5004081 DC Plastic Man
1 x 30603 DC Mr Freeze
1 x 30303 DC Joker Bumer Car 
1 x 5002943 Marvel Winter Soldier
1 x 5001709 SW Clone Trooper Lieutenant
3 x 5002948 SW C3-PO red arm
1 x 5002122 SW TC-4
1 x 5002947 SW Admiral Yularen
2 x 5004406 SW First Order General
1 x 5001621 SW Hoth Han Solo
1 x 30244 SW Anakins Jedi Interceptor 
2 x 850838 Turtles Spinter Keychains 
1 x 853429 DC Batman Keychain



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