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Monthly building contest - September '18 - Back to School

Mr_CrossMr_Cross East Anglia (UK)Member Posts: 811
The month of September marks the end of the summer holidays for millions of children, and also my little girl is starting school this year. So, in honour of that, this month's theme is 'Back to School'.

Partially inspired by the relatively recent (re)release of Harry Potter sets, I'm looking for builds that include classrooms, textbooks, teachers and all that's educational and instructional (fictional or otherwise).
You can also take this theme in a broader sense, make fun of The Three 'Rs' of the illiterate, go "Old Skool" if you must or simply use one of the Wizarding World minifigures in some kind of build... be creative, learn something?

In the spirit of being 'old school', however, no digital jiggery-pokery. Real LEGO bricks only, photographed with a minimum of enhancing please. You may make your own stickers. Maximum two photos please, and try to keep file sizes down too. You can enter as many times as you like, but for ease, please make a post for each. You can adapt a previous build if you want but please do something to make it new for this contest.

The prize will probably be a random Harry Potter CMF, plucked unceremoniously from a box at a local shop and in no way poked or prodded in the usual intrusive fashion in order to determine its contents. I may also find another prize for the entry with the most "likes" if my favourite is a different one, that is assuming there are more than two entries of course.

Judging will take place as close to Oct 1st as I can and I will post the results soon after. It's September already for some members so that's good enough for me to start this. @stlux is running the July/August contest which can be found here, there's some great entries already and if you're quick you might sneak in there. You could also sign up to host one of these contests yourself here.

Good luck class!


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