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[UK] Looking for quick sale of a job lot of some random sets and CMFs

Hi all,

Appreciate that this is a new account although I have traded and bought and sold on this forum a few years ago under a different account (which I unfortunately lost the login details for) so rest assured I am genuine!

I'm trying to raise funds to go towards a mortgage deposit so I am looking to sell off a chunk of my collection. I have a job lot of sets that I would like to be rid of and I'd prefer to sell them all off as one lot as I'm looking for a quick sale. There are two separate 'lots' - one full of sets and one which is purely CMFs although if anyone wanted everything I'd be quite happy to bundle it all as one!

Prices do not include postage but judging from the price of the box would be no more than £25 domestically. I'd prefer to avoid shipping outside the UK although would be open to it if some-one is buying the whole thing, although this would obviously increase postage costs.

Alternatively, if you live within an hour or so of Nottingham I'd be happy to drop them off myself!

I have not put prices up so please PM for prices - the more I can sell off at once the more discount I'm willing to apply so I am willing to discuss pricing.

I'd prefer to sell everything off at once but may be willing to sell off individual lots of sets depending on how much is taken.

The list is below. All sets are 100% complete (no spares) and come with boxes and instructions in good condition unless stated otherwise and have mostly been assembled and disassembled a few times and none have been on display for long periods. Pieces are all in good condition from smoke-free homes. Stickers have been applied unless stated otherwise. Photos can be taken if necessary.



3221 - Lego City Truck
3661 - Bank and Money Transfer
4432 - Garbge Truck
4643 - Power Boat Transporter
7288 - Mobile Police Unit
7639 - Camper -  no box but instructions in good condition
7991 - Recycle Truck - no box or instructions

Alien Conquest

7049 - Alien Striker
7050 - Alien Defender

Nexo Knights

70325 - Infernox Captures the Queen
70327 -  The King's Mech - box is in poor condition but everything else intact

The Lego Movie

70800 - Getaway Glider
70801 - The Melting Room
70802 - Bad Cop's Pursuit
70803 - Cloud Cuckoo Palace
70805 - Trash Chomper

Galaxy Squad

70707 - Eradicator Mech

Model Team

2556 - Ferrari Formula 1 Racing Car - box is in poor condition but stickers have never been applied and are still on the sheet


7092 - Skeletons Prison Carriage - no box

Star Wars

7661 - Jedi Starfighter with Hyperdrive Booster Ring - no box or instructions


All CMFs have been assembled once then transferred to plastic zip-loc bags. They come with baseplate, instruction sheet and all accessories and each series is fully complete. They are as follows:

Series 1 - 7 inclusive
Series 14
Simpsons Series 1
The Lego Movie
Team GB (set of 9)

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