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Unikitty stud shooters

560Heliport560Heliport Twin Cities, MN, USAMember Posts: 2,282
I noticed last week that the stud shooters in #41451 Unikitty Cloud Car were assembled... but the ones in my #75218 X-Wing were not. Perhaps this is due to the lower suggested age range of the Unikitty set? has anyone noticed assembled stud shooters in other sets? Also, since it didn't include an extra "trigger" (the little dark grey thing) I'll have to modify my plan to take over the galaxy with all my spare brick separators, lightsaber hilts, and stud-shooter triggers. Okay, there's not actually a plan, per se; it just seems like an opportunity.


  • omniumomnium Brickenham, UKMember Posts: 831
    Funny enough, I noticed that too.
    I actually bought the set for 2 parts: the stud shooter, which I wanted without the trigger, and the white 1x1 bricks with studs on two adjacent sides.
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