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Got a lot of Lego to sell? In/near Dumfries, Scotland?

NorlegoNorlego ScotlandMember Posts: 444

I am doing a Lego fair at end of month in Dumfries. If you have a lot of Lego to sell, you might want a table or two. PM if you would like a table.

You can get more info on facebook, by searching for "Dumfries Lego toy and craft fair". You can then contact me directly as I am not in this forum that much.

If you want to pop along there will be at least 200 used sets for sale. Plus over 500 figures.

I have done around 15 fairs and they are popular with those that want a selection to choose from. I sell a lot of City stuff for some reason. I seldom sell higher priced sets. Around £20 seems to be the upper limit. If you are after high end stuff, I can bring it.

If you want to pop by and are traveling far, let me know. I can see if I have anything you might want to see. I have got at least 300 spare parts to cmf figures, loads of Potter and SW. Sadly I don't take photos. To much work to dig it all out, my buyers prefer to dig around in my wee part boxes.

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