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SW and Series 5 a few to trade..USA only

gsy971gsy971 Member Posts: 100
edited January 2012 in Marketplace
i have a small amount of extra series 5.
evil dwarf
small clown
none come with the base but will all accessories

i also have a few SW minifigs
mace windu - no light saber
imperial officer
snow trooper battle pack figures with speeder
Also looking for any lego SW jedis: Asohka Tano & Nahdar Vebb

Looking for ANY CMF i don't got. here is sample of what i am looking for:
pharoah s2
vampire s2
witch s2
spartan s2
skier s2
vampire s2
traffic cop s2
elf s3
mummy s3
tribal cheif s3
tennis player s3
lawn gnome s4
musketeer s4
werewolf s4
street skater s4
boxer s5
lizard s5
gladiator s5
graduate s5

Actually just pm for anything. I will entertain all offers in the USA only


  • starfire2starfire2 Member Posts: 1,335
    Are you looking for trades or ? I have some of what you are looking for. Would you be able to trade for new series 6?
  • gsy971gsy971 Member Posts: 100
    yes. i don't got any series 6.
    i would like to get a little more for my evil dwarf & SW figs though
    throw me what you got. i got someone else pending a trade maybe
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