Does anyone know anything about this little wind turbine set?

1x11x1 Member Posts: 122
I bought this set at a car boot sale the other day and I can't find anything about it anywhere.  There's no set number.  It comes in a long plastic pinch bag with the parts and a small sheet of instructions.  The bag is dated 2017 but there's not much more information than that.  I tried looking on bricklink at all the sets that contained a blue 6x6 plate but it's not on there.  I thought maybe it was a monthly in store mini build thing but I can't find anything on google.


  • madforLEGOmadforLEGO Chicagoland USMember Posts: 9,349
    Looks like one of those LEGO build a model event pieces
  • Lego_StarLego_Star ... in a galaxy far, far away.Member Posts: 2,126
    edited July 2018
    See the gallery here:

    Looks like it was for an event held at the Liverpool brand store.
  • KeilupKeilup Frisco, TXMember Posts: 139
    Looks like it was for an event held at the Liverpool brand store.
    Gallery is indeed same as this one.  Strangely further down the page are downloadable instructions, but it's a different build.
  • AstrobricksAstrobricks Minnesota, USMember Posts: 2,468
    Might want to mention this in the Database forum. Maybe it could get added to Brickset.
  • SumoLegoSumoLego New YorkMember Posts: 11,917
    Make sure to take some appropriately sized photos on a white background.
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