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FS-US Town sets and others for great prices

TheMaker37TheMaker37 Norfolk,VaMember Posts: 496
Finally completed some sets from a large lot purchased last year. I believe everything is thoroughly described and would be happy to answer any questions. If you purchase over $120 I will do free shipping. I have pics available upon request. I have sold many sets through the forum and have always rectified any issues with sets. 


#60026 Town Square- Missing one small manual and some sticker - $70
#60022 Cargo Plane- Missing one fig & some stickers, no manuals- $65

#7744 Police Command Ctr- Missing 1 manual & some stickers- $50

#7743 Police Mobile Command- Missing some stickers- $30

#7642 Garage- Missing some stickers and has a stickers sheet- $65

#7641 City Corner- Missing some stickers and a manual- $30

#3181 Passenger Plane- $28

#4432 Garbage Truck- Missing some stickers- $15

#60048 Dog Unit- Missing some stickers- $22

#4431 Ambulance- Missing some stickers- $18

#7784 Airport Terminal- Missing some stickers- $75

Coast Guard

#7738 Coast Guard Helicopter- Missing some stickers- $35

Space Police

#5982 Smash and Grab- missing some stickers- $10

Power Miners

#8961 Crystal Sweeper- Missing some stickers- $40


#10223 Joust- No manual, only contains 2 complete figs and 2 partial figs, Black horse is missing shroud and helmet- $85


#31011 Aviation- $28


#9442 Jays Fighter- $15

#9443 Rattle Copter- $18

#70721 Kai Fighter- Missing some stickers- $12

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As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases.