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Used Creator/Technic/PaB Collection for Sale

LevSkyLevSky GTA, ON, CanadaMember Posts: 6

Selling my used Lego collection as a whole. The collection consists of Lego Technic sets, Lego Creator sets, some other sets, and a small amount of Duplo, as well as a large amount of basic bricks and plates from the Lego store pick-a-brick wall. The collection is from a 100% smoke-free and 100% pet free home, as well it is generally clean apart from having a bit of dust from being stored for a few years. Everything in the collection is sorted into Ziploc bags by part type and color.

From what I know, all instructions are complete although a few of the books have had the staples become loose, and I threw out the instructions for some very tiny Lego sets that were given at the Lego store for spending a certain amount. About 95% of the parts are lightly used or in mint condition, the rest are fairly used, and only a handful of older parts have heavy wear. As for the parts, I'm sure that anything major isn't missing or broken except for 2 parts, a broken yellow 1/2 hinge plate, and a yellow technic angled beam with a factory defect but it can still be used easily. Also the suitcase hinges have snapped, but they still stick together separately.

Summary of collection:


-Somewhere between 100-150 pounds in weight

-Baseplates: 32x32 Green (x7), 32x32 Blue (x2), 32x32 Sand/Beige (x1), 48x48 Light-gray (x1), 32x16 Dark-gray (x1)

-Instructions for all major sets complete

-Around $500 dollars worth of PaB from the Lego store


Lego Creator

#6753 - Highway Transport

#7347 - Highway Pickup

#4893 - Revvin' Riders

#4496 - Fun With Building

Lego Creator/Expert

#10233 - Horizon Express

#10220 - Volkswagen T1 Camper Van (VW Bus)

#10321 - Shuttle Expedition

#10224 - Town Hall

Lego Star Wars

#8098 - Clone Turbo Tank

#7931 - T-6 Jedi Shuttle

Lego Games

#3865 - City Alarm

#3841 - Minotaurus

Lego Kingdoms

Kingdoms Chess Set – 853373

Lego City

#7891 - Airport Firetruck

Lego Chima

#70104 - Jungle Gates

#70105 - Nest Dive

Lego Technic

#8052 - Container Truck

#8109 - Flatbed Truck

#8041 - Race Truck

#42009 - Mobile Crane Mk II

#42008 - Service Truck 

#42011 - Race Car 

#8043 - Motorized Excavator 

#8069 - Backhoe Loader 

Lego Duplo 

#4632 - Building Plates

#???? - Basic Bricks

I'm looking for a buyer to buy the collection as a whole, I understand that this is a very limited number of people, so I don't expect to sell fast. I have no asking price, but will instead will see what offers you buyers got and go from there. I will not sell the sets separately and I will not ship, so the ideal buyer will be located within the GTA (Greater Toronto Area). I won't accept any trades either.

If you're interested let me know. Photos of collection attached to post.


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