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Hello All!

ArpieArpie UKMember Posts: 28
Hello Brickset Forum,

My name is Arpie and I'm looking forward to getting involved with this Lego community.  

My Lego story is fairly standard, I loved the stuff as a kid and had a large mixed box of the stuff (no keeping sets separate!).  During my teenage years it fell by the way side and then early twenties lack of money and then time kept me from the hobby.  It was Lego Dimensions that got me back into the hobby, my wife and I love to play the Lego games together so we thought the toys to life concept was perfect, I also thought it would help scratch the Lego itch.  It failed spectacularly, as it was a fantastic game we both enjoyed together and made my Lego itch worse!  So in mid 2016 my wife promised me Assembly Square for my next birthday, of course this was too far away so I started to buy a couple of kits 'just to get back in the swing of things'.  Since then the addiction has just grown and I've already amassed a worrying number of bricks.

Since getting back into the hobby I've found Brickset to be an invaluable resource.  The comment section has always been full of pleasant debate and opinion that seems to avoid the usual internet comment section excess.  It lead me to the forums which I have read but not participated in for a while now so I thought I would finally jump in!



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