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WTS Job Lot of Lego Sets for sale. all sets are NISB (Over 4900 Pieces.)

chrisalddinchrisalddin UKMember Posts: 2,835
this is Pickup Only in Surrey UK.
i am looking to get £150 for the lot....
here is a list of the set's i am selling.

1x #10704 Creative Box
1x #10695 Creative Building Box
1x #60081 Pickup Tow Truck
2x #41061 Jasmine's Exotic Palace
3x #41140 Daisy's Beauty Salon
1x #70318 The Glob Lobber
1x #70311 Chaos Catapult
1x #70310 Knighton Battle Blaster
2x #41069 Treasure's Day at the Pool
1x #30278 Poe's X-wing Fighter
24x #30397 Olaf's Summertime Fun
2x #30349 Sports Car
2x #30471 Helicopter
21x #30374 The Lava Slinger
1x #30422 Kai's Mini Dragon
3x #5005249 Easter Bunny Hut
3x #5004468 Iconic Easter Minifigure

why i have them in the 1st place? you ask?
well i got them for spare parts, to be used in any MOC's i make. as i have not made a MOC in 14 months. and have no room to display the set's i do have letalone any more MOC's and i need the money. i am selling the spare set's.
as i said before "i am looking to get £150 for the lot...."

Over 4900 Lego Pieces
all set's are unopen. NSIBox/Polybag

this is a bargain. with a limited window.
i am building/updating my pc. and i need a little bit more cash to get what i am after.


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