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10263 Winter Village 2018

ToymakerToymaker Member Posts: 17
edited September 2018 in Collecting
Well, it's early July which means that speculation over this year's Winter Village set is well overdue. All we know so far is the set number (10263) and a Hungarian toy shop has it listed at 32,980 Forint (approximately £90).

Recent sets have been unveiled increasingly late in the season:

10259 Winter Village Station was officially announced on August 22
10254 Winter Holiday Train on August 11
10249 Winter Village Toy Shop on August 18
10245 Santa's Workshop on August 9 (at San Francisco Bricks by the Bay)
10235 Winter Village Market on July 13 (at Toronto BrickFête)
10229 Winter Village Cottage on August 5
The last 3 all leaked a week or so before the official announcement, a phenomenon that has sadly diminished in recent years.

So what's it going to be this year ? It's always fun to guess how new pieces (particularly minifigure torsos) in any given year may appear in the subsequent WV set and 60202 Outdoor Adventures includes several new torsos that would work well in a Winter Sports type of set. So, based on no inside knowledge whatsoever, I'm going to call it for a Winter Ski Resort, complete with cable car (see 41324 Snow Resort Ski Lift) and a lovely Alpine apres ski venue...and if all that can come in under £90, so much the better!

Failing that, I'd like to see a Winter Village Chocolate Factory/Sweet Shop, ideally taking some design cues from 1620 Chocolate Factory.

Any other ideas out there ?


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