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ayrtonsenna: from italy, i' am paolo, new member!

ayrtonsennaayrtonsenna Member Posts: 5
edited May 2011 in Introduce yourself
Hello everyone good morning friends, I am paolo bologna city located in Italy 33 years !!!!, I do not know 'your age but I wonder whether it is possible to begin to feel my passion for lego? but I will be 'crazy ahahahahahaah
I've played a lot in his youth, but 'sometimes are looking for new hobbies or leisure activities, and I think it's nice to share with you my new passion began from a few days, indeed .... I have not bought a new lego ahhahahaahh

advice on shopping?


  • Coder_XCoder_X Member Posts: 29
    Hi ayrtonsenna,
    You and me are kind of the same, I'm 25 and started collecting this week, I have a total of 1 sets at the moment… I'm planning to buy the second tomorrow…

    Since I'm also a beginning enthusiast, I don't really have any advice for you yet. Perhaps some veterans here do?
  • ayrtonsennaayrtonsenna Member Posts: 5
    ciao tu di dove sei??? cosa hai comprato oggi??? io ancora nessun lego ma presto compro sicuro!!!
  • ayrtonsennaayrtonsenna Member Posts: 5
    Hello Where are you from? What did you buy today? No tie, but soon I still buy Fair
  • elazgarelazgar Member Posts: 31
    Welcome Paolo!
    Strange hobby yours... I imagine you liked LEGO being a child, or not?
    We are kind of neighbours, I am from Spain (not so far from Italy as almost everyone here is frome UK and USA).

    My advice for you is that firstly you need a favourite theme and then choose what you like the most! (Not so helpful :D )
  • ayrtonsennaayrtonsenna Member Posts: 5
    Good morning to all, wonderful forum, I hope to become more and more 'big and rich in information. it is true, we're all friends, all over the world, mostly thanks to the Internet.
  • Coder_XCoder_X Member Posts: 29
    edited April 2011
    I'm from Belgium
    The set I bought today was The portal of atlantis for 56 euro...

    Have you started already? What did you buy?
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