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[IRE-UK/EU] Trying to complete my TLBM Series 2; have miscellaneous promo/polybags

Steve_J_OMSteve_J_OM Member Posts: 995
Sort of lost my appetite for bag feeling and let these pass me by. 

I have some miscellaneous promos, minifigs and polybags. Not like-for-like I know, but open to any combination of trades. Though to minimise postage I'd like any potential trade to involve x3 Batman CMFs.

(For anyone I've traded with here before, I'm not in London anymore - back in my native Ireland!). 

Promos (all sealed)
5004936 Iconic Cave 
5005249 Easter Bunny Hunt 

Polybags (all sealed)
5001621 Han Solo (Hoth)
30602 First Order Stormtrooper
5004406 First Order General
5004420 Toy Soldier

Minifigs (all open)
TLBM Series 2
Wonder Twin Zan

Series 17
Corn Cob Guy

Clock King
Hugo Strange
Mermaid Batman
Swimsuit Batman
Vacation The Joker
Vacation Robin
Vacation Batgirl
Vacation Alfred
Bat-merch Batgirl
Apache Chief
General Zod
Doctor Phospherous
Black Canary

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