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For sale: collection part 1

ateagueateague Member Posts: 171
edited June 2018 in Marketplace
Hello, after some changes to my current circumstances I have decided to part with my small collection. 

All items are sealed unless stated. All CMF have been opened but stored without their packets etc.  Thank you. 

71006 Simpsons House £225
71016 Kwik-e-Mart £225
70917 Ultimate Batmobile (no minifigs) £70
70908 Scuttler £60
10242 Mini £70
75183 Vader Transformation (used) £10
21306 Beatles £60
21304 Dr Who £60
9470, 9472, 9473 Shelton attack’s, Weathertop, Mines of Moria £220
70757 Temple of Airjitzu £225
40178 VIP set £15
75828 Ecto 1&2 £40
21108 Exo Suit (used) £30
40290 60 years of brick £30
10237 Tower of Orthanc (used) £225
10220 VW Campervan (used) £50
70905 Batmobile (used with some scratches pieces and no box) £12.50
CMF Series 6 complete £75
CMF series 9 complete £70
CMF series 14-17 £40 per series
CMF Series Ninjago £40
CMF Series Simpson’s 2 £40


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As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases.