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Problem with information flow between Rebrickable and brickset database

Lego_StarLego_Star ... in a galaxy far, far away.Member Posts: 1,712

Whilst logged in just now and looking at a set I don't own (#10196) the Rebrickable box said that there was no data available for this set at Rebrickable.

After I got over the sheer panic as this is not a new set that the data isn't available for yet :o) I logged into rebrickable and found that my beloved set details were in fact available as they have been on many previous visits. Phew!

I had a look at neighbouring sets in the database that I also don't own (#10198 and #10200) and found they too were displaying the same no data available at Rebrickable message.

Of course I know sets I own don't show the rebrickable box. Only sets I don't own usually show the percentage of parts owned in my collection for a set where rebrickable has the set info. 

I find this a most useful feature of the database (means I stay on brickset unless I need a rebrickable specific feature) and I know it was working before but I'm not sure when I used it last successfully, a few weeks ago, maybe? I appreciate it may be due to a change at Rebrickable's end and or a change at brickset. 


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