Visiting Billund in November

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Hi All
we are planning our first ever visit to Billund to visit The Lego House and Legoland. Hoping to go in November but does anyone know if the House and Legoland close for any part of the year and will both actually be open in November? Also who’s done the trip? How many days/nights would you recommend to fit everything comfortably in, and any hotel recommendations/ones to avoid? Will be two adults travelling 


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    Hi, at least Legoland is closed in November. See here:

  • DoktorLDoktorL Member Posts: 61
    For the Lego House I don't know but would suspect they are open. Can only find opening hours for the current month. Maybe worth sending them an email.
    We visited Legoland in summer 2017 and really liked it. So much better than Windsor with most employees having a real dedication for Lego and not just trying to make money. We stayed in the Legoland Hotel for one night (really expensive but amazing for children) and in Hotel Propellen (still quite expensive in the summer but ok). With children I would suggest at least two days Legoland and one day Legohouse, with two adults only it depend how much you still like the attractions for children ;-p

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    Went back mid November 2017 with my son and it was open, so would expect it to be open this year too.
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    Essentially any hotel will be better value than the Legoland Hotel. I personally felt like I've got really good value out of Hotel Propellen, as there's some key positives in comparison:
    1. The price is significantly lower out of the main summer season
    2. The rooms are spacious and all front on to or have views of a peaceful courtyard and gardens
    3. Propellen has its own swimming pool, large kids sandy play area and an additional sand pit, all kept together well
    4. The position of the hotel is great - you can walk directly into the main Legoland entrance in only 2 minutes, or you can take a very picturesque walk up the river valley and sculpture park, ending up at the Lego House plaza, which is more like 20-30 mins at a leisurely pace
    5. The staff are always friendly, and less rushed off their feet than Legoland Hotel staff
    6. The food for breakfast and evening meals feels authentically Scandinavian - which you don't really get in Legoland or the Legoland Hotel
    7. If you're knackered at the end of the day the Danish TV channels in Propellen often have programmes and films in English with Danish subtitles - assuming English is your thing
    I would also be wary about Legoland itself not being open in November. The Lego House I think is open roughly all year round, but it closes shockingly early (4pm out of season, caught me off guard in April). I think Legoland is still open in October because they run Halloween themed events - you could try possibly shifting to then for the full experience?
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    LEGO House isn't always open Monday - Friday. The shop might be but gaining access tobthe house can be limited to school groups. 
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