Brickset Bonusball Bonanza - Snowhitie Poem editon - UK draw 02/06/2108

snowhitiesnowhitie BelgiumMember Posts: 2,853
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Now the Lego House Bonanza from @stlux has passed it's time for a boring simple old bonusball.

For those who don’t know the rules, write your answer below and the first 59 entrants will get a number. This is open worldwide.  And the bonus ball from the UK lottery on Saturday night will decide the winner. I'm running out of poly's so the winner will receive a CMF out of the ones I got.

Now on to this week's challenge. A bit like the creative writing contest we did a while ago, I'm going for a creative rhyming contest. I want to see what kind of poem you Bricksetters can come up with. Everyone should write 2 lines. The first line of your rhyme should rhyme with the last line of the previous writer, your second one can be anything you like.

Hope it's clear.

Please press refresh before you post though, just to make sure no one got there before you. Please no double posts untill 59 has been reached.

On to our Poem

An ode to Brickset.

Brickset is were we like to be


  • SumoLegoSumoLego New YorkMember Posts: 11,903
    edited June 2018
    @stlux is sending me a LEGO tree...

    [Which I accept happily.]
    [With much anticipated glee.]
    [And shall bring balance to my chi.]
  • ecmo47ecmo47 North CarolinaMember Posts: 2,086
    I'm in early!
    Lucky me!
    Will there be rhymes left
    at 53?
  • ricecakericecake Maryland, USAMember Posts: 879
    Looks like i have number three
    Will I be lucky? Wait and see!
  • jmeninnojmeninno The Batcave (MA)Member Posts: 708
    Numero four, I decree.
    I wonder if the Bonusballs hear my plea.
  • bandit778bandit778 Docking Bay 94. Member Posts: 1,940
    edited June 2018
    Not chance, I say to thee

    @SumoLego's already got an answer in.

    (Just to check that I've got this right, only the first answer has to rhyme with the last of the previous post. If not ignore my post and I'll find a corner to stand in shame).

    And what happens if the next answer doesn't rhyme with the previous post?

  • TheFewTheFew EnglandMember Posts: 1,474
    jmeninno said:
    Numero four, I decree.
    I wonder if the Bonusballs hear my plea.
    You say four? That's time for tea!
    I say five,  time for a drinkee!
  • BumblepantsBumblepants DFWMember Posts: 5,821
    Ronan the Accusar is a Kree
    But he can't dance so Xandar is free
  • paul_mertonpaul_merton UKMember Posts: 2,951
    This is a fine display of poetry
    But where are the sausages?
  • historymanhistoryman Member Posts: 353
    The best are made from ostritches 
     but on a bbq burgers are best
  • MextenMexten MexicoMember Posts: 59
    Let´s put that to the test
    My garden could do with a crowd
  • FowlerBricksFowlerBricks USAMember Posts: 1,624
    Lego is being a pest
    By having fiddly tax

  • SeijiAmasawaSeijiAmasawa USMember Posts: 214
    @stlux ‘s prizes had me wowed
    I hope I win next
  • eggsheneggshen Middleton, WIMember Posts: 530
    @snowhitie's rhyming has me vexed,
    I hope no one uses the word orange
  • SprinkleOtterSprinkleOtter Member Posts: 2,731
    SprinkleOtter wonders: what kind of sh#t would end on "orange?" ;)
    Ah, well, at least it wasn't @Pitfall69.
  • TheOriginalSimonBTheOriginalSimonB Felixstowe Member Posts: 1,306
    This rhyming task is very strange,
    i need new bricks to beat my craving 
  • LittleLoriLittleLori CanadaMember Posts: 131
    TheOriginalSimonBthen best you be to start saving

    Money that is as bricks can be addictive 
  • TheLegoMaster35TheLegoMaster35 OH, USAMember Posts: 254
    Building vignettes are so darn restrictive
    Hence why I don’t do them
  • redarmyredarmy AberdeenMember Posts: 701
    edited June 2018
    'Them' you say with a voice of derision..
    Life is too short you should go to Nantucket..;-)
  • Mr_CrossMr_Cross East Anglia (UK)Member Posts: 998
    be careful to not kick the bucket,
    or step on a rake,
  • MugenPowerMugenPower Member Posts: 447
    I'd rather step on a rake than step on a snake
    Any guesses on how many more UCS rehashes Lego will make?
  • GallardoLUGallardoLU USAMember Posts: 644
    edited June 2018
    Come on people let's have some fun for brirckset's sake
    Like a SNOT build let's find a new angle to go.
  • donutboydonutboy U.K.Member Posts: 708
    What number I am, I don't know,
    I'm off to build a polybag.
  • benbacardibenbacardi EnglandMember Posts: 367
    They're small but cheap Lego swag
    But I'd rather build a modular
  • GothamConstructionCoGothamConstructionCo Colchester UKMember Posts: 729
    I also love a good polybag
    which my wife finds rather peculiar,
  • MasterBeefyMasterBeefy US of AMember Posts: 120
    at the lego store im a pab filler
    but at home my bricks are everywhere
  • Gibbo1959Gibbo1959 Northumbria UKMember Posts: 282
    On the floor and on each stair
    so going barefoot is quite risky
  • alldarkeralldarker NetherlandsMember Posts: 216
    Building Lego makes me frisky
    time to hit those bricks again!
  • Toc13Toc13 Member Posts: 1,048
    Building up my Lego train
    To take me to my station
  • HarrymattpotterHarrymattpotter UKMember Posts: 46
    I feared this bonusball would end in complication,

    How many more can snowhitie host?
  • mak0137mak0137 VirginiaMember Posts: 262
    Better not double post
    Or I will be in trouble
  • Lego_StarLego_Star ... in a galaxy far, far away.Member Posts: 2,124
    edited June 2018
    Two of 6109903 for a LEGO bubble,
    To travel 'round Jurassic Park 
  • jimmyp1982jimmyp1982 Eastbourne, UKMember Posts: 61
    Lego ghosts glow in the dark
    Haunting castles and guarding treasure
  • Legopassion8Legopassion8 North CarolinaMember Posts: 1,180
    edited June 2018
    Never go out with a girl named Heather
     Take it from me,  your right hand is more better!

    (And safer!!)
  • MaffyDMaffyD West YorkshireMember Posts: 2,529
    I am a very happy Bricksetter
    Even though I’ve not been on here in a week because half term is absolutely manic for us so this is an ode to apologise and also to end the verse on the word orange.
  • TkattTkatt MNMember Posts: 328
    If I win I'll squeak like a rusty Door Hinge,
    If I lose I'll curse like a Sailor.

  • BrickByBrickBrickByBrick Massachusetts, USAMember Posts: 616
    I really hope my entry isn't a failure.
    Existential dread...
  • starwars4everstarwars4ever The Forest Moon of EndorMember Posts: 477
    Would I rather have Lego or learn to sing
    Is Lego worth more than a tiny gold ring
    Or am I just cheap in material way
    Either case, with Lego I shall now play!
  • SirBenSirBen In the Hall of the Mountain KingMember Posts: 551
    In my Lego I have the One Ring,
    It made the Gollum wail and sing.
    While some may seek that ring of power,
    I just want to play with my plastic bricks for a quiet hour. 
  • hoodaddyhoodaddy USMember Posts: 294
    Like He-Man said, “I have the power!”
    but lose it when I walk past the LEGO..
  • Muftak1Muftak1 Somewhere cold, probably raining (aka Ireland)Member Posts: 487
    So I'm late to the party and slow on the get go,
    But 3 kids and nightshift - I'm sure you all know...
    As long as someone doesn't jump in my place
    I may have rhymed and just about saved face
  • dannyrwwdannyrww WisconsinMember Posts: 1,332
    edited June 2018
    Getting on this list is sometimes a race,
    I was going to end in orange but someone else already did.
  • colaycolay OxfordshireMember Posts: 339
    Bricks are red
    Bugatti is blue
    I love Lego
    As much as you
  • COOLEGOCOOLEGO B'ham/SolihullMember Posts: 183
    Using Lego bricks with glue
    Is very hard to undo
  • iliketoastiliketoast AustraliaMember Posts: 260

    My answer, I write

    In the middle of the night.

    Will it make sense? Not quite.

      In your defence you're quite right,
    though I'd never start a fight.
      I'm not calling anyone fools,
    Perhaps they just didn't read the rules?

    (thanks for hosting @snowhitie!)
  • M_BossM_Boss Houston, TexasMember Posts: 236
    They must’ve forgotten what they learned in their schools.
    Those poor mules.
  • devilheaddevilhead Member Posts: 280
    What desire fuels
    The bank account cannot afford
  • Speedman29Speedman29 UKMember Posts: 1,292
    With no sets to build I'm getting bored.
    I wonder what rhymes with orange?
  • stluxstlux LuxembourgMember Posts: 2,194
    edited June 2018
    All the way from Spain comes the orange,
    But I much prefer the brick from Billund.

    (Thanks for this fun idea @snowhitie!)
  • Legopassion8Legopassion8 North CarolinaMember Posts: 1,180
    edited June 2018
    MaffyD said:
    I am a very happy Bricksetter
    Even though I’ve not been on here in a week because half term is absolutely manic for us so this is an ode to apologise and also to end the verse on the word orange.
    With no sets to build I'm getting bored.
    I wonder what rhymes with orange?
    Does Poison Ivy have a womb or a sporange?
    I wouldn't know...


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