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Fantasy Lego Group Manager: A Game

vizzitorvizzitor IrelandMember Posts: 292
edited May 2018 in Everything else LEGO
What I hope is a bit of a fun idea occurred to me this week struggling with parts for a MOC I'm working on. Everyone here has probably thought "why don't Lego make this part or that type of set". This made me think of a game, a kind of a "Fantasy Lego Group Manager" without any of the boring profit and loss worries. Unlike fantasy sports leagues this has no winners, losers or even prizes.

And on with the game...

So one day you find a 24 karat Mr. Gold in a gutter at the side of the road. In a series of convoluted events involving a tour of a Lego factory and Gene Wilder in a top hat and tails, you end up as the Big Cheese of the Lego Group. This "Big Cheese" title gives you complete control over the types of parts, sets and all licenses (movie, tv, comic, etc).

There are just a few restrictions on your new role:

  1. You can create only up to 5 new parts, 3 new colours, 2 new ranges of sets and 2 new licenses and they each have to replace one that exists already.
  2. Each new item must replace one currently being made by Lego in the same "family". For example, a type of plate has to be retired before you can introduce your plate with studs on both sides, modified brick for brick-type, minifig accessory for minifig accessory etc.
  3. A new colour has to be a similar type. Bright colours replacing bright, more drab for drab, etc. So no bringing back the old grey to replace bright purple.
  4. A new range of sets has to appeal to the same people as the range it's replacing. That means no range of office skyscrapers without interiors or minifigs to replace the Elves range.
  5. Licensed ranges have to replace an existing license. So the entire world's dream of Murder She Wrote licensed sets would spell the death knell for Marvel Super Heroes.

Feel free to post more than once, if you like but following the first rule will make it easier to read.

Remember it's all a game and one person's like or dislike of a particular colour, set, movie etc. will not have any effect on your own preferences.

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