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[UK] Would like to trade for Hulkbuster #76105

Mr_CrossMr_Cross East AngularMember Posts: 463
edited May 30 in Marketplace
I have:
Chrome Darth Vader #4547551 MISP (my trade value ~£90, would sell inc. P&P UK for £110)
Jango Fett from #7153 like new, assembled (my trade value ~£55, would sell inc. P&P UK for £60, I have an unassembled new Boba too which I'll happily accept approx £10 for trade or sell.)

I'm after #75060 Slave 1, new with box, not necessarily sealed but complete, unopened bags. The presence of the box is not a deal breaker for me.

For discussion, I would trade the Vader alone for an AFOL owned/used/displayed #75060 without box, inc. instructions.

I also have spares of #7200 and #7201, I need to check the exact condition, they should be pretty nice, near-mint sealed examples and I think I'd probably want trade at about £23 and £28 (sell £28 and £35) respectively for them (maybe sell the pair for £60).

Finally I have a spare S18 CMF Policeman which I'd happily trade £10 (sell £12.50) inc. postage.

I would also consider trading for other sets on my wanted list, but would probably ask for slightly more favourable prices on my items as it is Slave 1 I am after most.

Please PM with any offers.
"Here, Burt, this bloke won't haggle."


  • Mr_CrossMr_Cross East AngularMember Posts: 463
    I think I've got a pretty good deal with @SumoLego for the #75060, so, Chrome Vader and the Policeman are now gone (as is Darth Maul from an older thread of mine which can be closed please).

    I'd still be happy to trade other items from above for things off my wanted list though. After digging around today and yesterday, I've found I also have the following:

    Key rings/chains new:
    #852550: CW Yoda keychain
    #852749: Pirates Soldier Key Chain
    There doesn't seem to be values for them anywhere, but how about £3.50 each as trade? or £4.50 sell inc. postage.

    Other polybags I have:
    #30542 Pug dog £3.50 trade or £4.50 sell inc. postage
    #30497 Heavy Assault Walker £3 trade or £4 sell inc. postage
    #30054 AT-ST £5 trade or £6 sell inc. postage
    #30056 Star Destroyer £2.50 trade or £3.50 sell inc. postage
    #30051 X-wing £6 trade or £7 sell inc. postage
    #30240 Z-95 Headhunter £2.50 trade or £3.50 sell inc. postage
    #30160 Batman Jetski £4 trade or £5 sell inc. postage

    I found another S18 Policeman at Tesco this morning, I'll trade £10 sell £12.50 inc. postage.

    Finally I have a MISB #7749 Echo Base trade for £30 sell £37.50 inc. postage.

    My top wants are #76105 Hulkbuster, #75889 Ferrari Garage, #76104 Hulkbuster and sets from the two waves of the Jurassic Park theme, I'm happy to trade for AFOL good condition displayed/complete w/ dinos on the older Jurassic sets, but I'm aware we might struggle to get to enough trading value unless you want nearly everything listed.

    Very much open to offers.

    "...won't haggle?"
  • SumoLegoSumoLego New YorkMember Posts: 9,155
    I like that @SumoLego.  He's a swell guy.
  • Mr_CrossMr_Cross East AngularMember Posts: 463
    #7200 has sold elsewhere.

    But whilst I was digging that out of storage, I also found a "T-rex" from #7297, it's new in bags and blister-pack (for the head), it was in an abandoned box of miscellany. How about £15 trade or £20.90 sell (delivery via small parcel only)?

    In amongst some club magazines, I also found this neat little brochure that promotes Series 1 of the collectible minifigures:

    I've no idea on value, but a google search led to a webpage that suggests that one "H.Millington" is the only other person who definitely owns one (anyone heard of this guy before? :-P).
    So I guess I'll say PM me offers on that particular little piece of ephemera, not that I expect it's worth an enormous amount, but because something is only worth what someone is willing to pay, and frankly, I have no idea (if any one will want it at all).

    I've decided to part with these Star Wars minifigure packs too:
    #3340 £60 trade or £75 sell
    #3341 £35 trade or £45 sell
    #3342 £30 trade or £35 sell
    #3343 £15 trade or £20 sell
    All four £130 trade or £160 sell
    They're in deep storage, so I'm reluctant to dig them out unless there's any interest but I have a vague recollection of maybe opening one of these boxes, I can't guaranteethat I did or didn't, I've been to sleep since then!
    As far as I remember the bags within would still be sealed, but if that is the case, I would knock at least £5 off whichever one it happened to be.

    I think that's all I have for now, offers are gratefully received.

    "Look at it. Feel the quality. That's none of your goat."
  • Mr_CrossMr_Cross East AngularMember Posts: 463
    I'm also interested in trading for the other Hulkbuster #76031, complete inc. all figures, but not necessarily new.
  • Mr_CrossMr_Cross East AngularMember Posts: 463
    edited May 31
    The brochure has now gone.

    I decided to check on the Star Wars minifigure packs, it would appear that some muppet did actually open the boxes to each of these (I don't recall doing it, but obviously I did!). Bags are all still sealed though and prices have therefore been reduced accordingly.

    Star Wars minifigure packs (revised prices with pics):

    #3340 £50 trade or £55 sell

    #3341 £30 trade or £35 sell

    #3342 £25 trade or £30 sell

    #3343 £10 trade or £15 sell

    All four £100 trade or £125 sell. Selling prices inc. P&P within UK, I am happy to send worldwide but I'd need to research exact costs. Feel free to offer 10% off all other items listed above.

    "...I'll throw in this gourd."
  • Mr_CrossMr_Cross East AngularMember Posts: 463
    ^ should read "All four £105 trade or £120 sell"
  • Mr_CrossMr_Cross East AngularMember Posts: 463
    A bit of an update and clarification pulling together everything from above. I have also made reductions on some of my items.
    All "sell" prices include UK 2nd class postage (or better at my discretion) unless requested otherwise.

    #7153 Jango Fett, like new, assembled ~£45 trade, or sell ~£50
    #7153 Boba Fett, new, ~£7 trade, or sell ~£8
    S18 CMF Policeman, sealed ~£10 trade, or sell £12

    #7297 "T-rex"(black and green), new in bag, ~£10 trade, or sell £15
    #852550 CW Yoda keychain ~£2.50 trade, or sell £3.50

    #30542 Pug dog £3.50 trade or £4.50 sell 
    #30497 Heavy Assault Walker £3.50 trade or £4.50 sell 
    #30054 AT-ST £4 trade or £5 sell 
    #30056 Star Destroyer £2.50 trade or £3.50 sell 
    #30051 X-wing £4 trade or £5 sell 
    #30240 Z-95 Headhunter £2.50 trade or £3.50 sell 
    #30160 Batman Jetski £3.50 trade or £4.50 sell 

    #4695 Knight Bus (parts only, no bag or instructions). Parts are used, but in pretty good condition ~£4 trade or ~£5 sell

    #7201 Final Duel II MISB ~£20 trade, or sell ~£25
    #7749 Echo Base MISB ~£22.50 trade sell £27.50

    #3340 £40 trade or £45 sell

    #3341 £25 trade or £30 sell

    #3342 £22.50 trade or £27.50 sell

    #3343 £10 trade or £15 sell

    Still after the new Hulkbuster ideally, but 100% aware of the unlikelihood of that. Totally happy to trade from my wants list, or there are some additional minifigures I'd like listed below.

    sw554 Bith Musician
    sw493 Darth Maul - Mechanical Legs
    dim030 E.T. 
    col300 Elf Girl 
    nex129 InfectoByter / MechaByter (#72004, #72003)
    sh065 Iron Man Mark 42 
    sh231 Iron Man with Circle on Chest (#10721)
    sh036 Iron Man with Circle on Chest (#6869)
    dis006 Maleficent
    sw495 Mandalorian Super Commando 2
    sw486 Max Rebo (#75020)
    nex126 MegaByter / Fred
    nex131 Pola (#72002)
    nex018 Queen Halbert (#70325)
    sw483 Ree-Yees (#75020)
    sh229 Space Iron Man
    sp112 Space Police 3 Officer 11 - Airtanks (#5981, #5982)
    sp119 Space Police 3 Officer 15 (#5983)
    sh066 War Machine

    I'm also after (all) the wheels from the tumbler #76023. I'd be interested in trans yellow windscreens/canopies in good condition, the new x-wing windscreen x2 or the hoverboard and delorean from #71201.

    Please feel free to make offers.

    "Four? For this gourd? Four? It's worth ten if it's worth a shekel."
  • Mr_CrossMr_Cross East AngularMember Posts: 463
    A few items have gone, and whilst I've really enjoyed trading, I'd now like to try to raise funds for specific things. So I've simplified what I'm asking for but as a sales. All prices include 2nd class postage in the UK.

    #7153 Jango Fett, like new, assembled £47.50
    #7153 Boba Fett, new, £7.50
    S18 CMF Policeman, sealed £12

    #7297 "T-rex" (black and green), new in bag, £13
    #852550 CW Yoda keychain £3

    #30542 Pug dog £4
    #30497 Heavy Assault Walker £4
    #30054 AT-ST £4.50
    #30056 Star Destroyer £3
    #30051 X-wing £4
    #30240 Z-95 Headhunter £3
    #30160 Batman Jetski £3.50
    joblot of all polys £22 ovno

    #4695 Knight Bus (parts only, no bag or instructions). Parts are used, but in pretty good condition £4.50

    #7749 Echo Base MISB £26
    #3342 £26.50

    #3343 £13

    Everything as a joblot £145 inc. P&P 'signed for' possibly as two parcels (I'd appreciate paypal as friends, alternatively £150 as goods & services ovvno). 

    I'm still happy to accept offers on combinations of things and I would consider trading for the following:
    #75105 Hulkbuster (obviously, the longshot pipedream)
    #75025 Jedi Cruiser
    #10251 Brick bank
    #75020 Sail barg
    #75919 Indominus Rex (maybe without dino)
    #75188 Resistance Bomber
    #75889 Ferrari Garage
    #76108 Sanctorum
    #21313 SIAB
    #31084 Rollercoaster
    #76107 Ultimate battle
    #75052 Cantina

    "Ten for that? You must be mad!"
  • Mr_CrossMr_Cross East AngularMember Posts: 463
    Space being tight, I have decided to part with a couple of my prized LEGO possessions...
    I have two of the big shop display blocks, one blue, one red. They're in pretty good condition but my photos haven't really captured some of the scuffs, scratches and stress marks, they do both have a corner dent though. I can take more photos or send larger ones if anyone is interested.

    Ideally I'd like £60 for the blue and £70 for the red + £6.05 P&P each in UK. I would discount postage on both even though there is no saving due to their size. 2nd class signed seems to be the best for each block, both posted together more than doubles the cost!
    International postage looks to be pretty expensive, for ref. dimensions are approx 50 x 25 x 20 (cm) and ~1.2Kg + packaging, fwiw, I couldn't find a carrier for less than £25.
    Happy if anyone wanted to arrange a pick-up by courier or a collection in person. I'm in Cambridgeshire.

    There aren't any for sale in the UK at the moment and there haven't been any sold on evilbay as far as I can see, so I've plucked those prices from the prices I can see on Bricklink for the very limited number that are available there. I will consider trades, but would prefer to sell.

    "That's a nice gourd, how much do you want for it?"
  • Mr_CrossMr_Cross East AngularMember Posts: 463
    So, obsession bites again. I'm now also looking for tlr014 Rebecca Reid (new or nearly new) or equally I'd be happy to trade for new, nearly new or adult owned #79111 lone ranger train inc. all figures, but I don't need the box.

    I also have some more minifigures to sell/trade. They're all assembled but never played with.
    sw192 Ahsoka CW £4.50
    sw183 Anakin CW £3
    sw193 Rotta CW £9.50
    sw131 Kashyyyk Trooper £15
    bat004 Two-Face £17.50
    bat006 TF henchman £5
    bat002 Batman £11.50

    I'm open to offers on just about everything, especially on multiple items. Would anyone be interested in the display blocks at 10% off? Which is effectively free postage.
  • Mr_CrossMr_Cross East AngularMember Posts: 463
    I now have Rebecca Reid, Batman jetski is gone and I'd take £110 inc. P&P in the UK for both the display blocks... I'd also consider offers on multiple items with approx 10% off. Prefer to sell, but would consider trades as well.
    My wants lists, sets here and minifigures here, although they do need updating.
  • Mr_CrossMr_Cross East AngularMember Posts: 463
    edited June 22
    I've updated and tidied the list to account for stuff that's gone or been added, I've also reduced most of my items by about as far as I can, I think they're all now in line or way below the lowest UK prices as found on bricklink or eBay. All prices now include P&P 2nd class (or better at my discretion or as per agreement) in UK.

    #7153 Jango Fett, like new, assembled and #7153 Boba Fett, new unassembled, £40 for both
    S18 CMF Policeman, sealed £10
    S18 CMF Clown, sealed £4
    S18 CMF Elephant, sealed £4
    S18 CMF Unicorn, sealed £4
    sw192 Ahsoka CW, like new, assembled £3
    sw183 Anakin CW, like new, assembled £3
    sw193 Rotta CW, brand new in factory sealed bag £8
    sw131 Kashyyyk Trooper, like new, assembled £10
    bat004 Two-Face, like new, assembled £14
    bat006 TF henchman, like new, assembled £3
    bat002 Batman, like new, assembled £6

    #7297 "T-rex" (black and green), new in bag, £10
    #852550 CW Yoda keychain £3

    #30542 Pug dog £4
    #30497 Heavy Assault Walker £4
    #30054 AT-ST £4
    #30056 Star Destroyer £3
    #30051 X-wing £4
    #30240 Z-95 Headhunter £3

    #4695 Knight Bus (parts only, no bag or instructions). Parts are used, but in pretty good condition £3.50

    #75161 Micro Tie Striker £5 (charity shop find, new in sealed but slightly bashed up box) 
    #3342 £20

    #3343 £12

    big display blocks
    Blue £47.50

    Red £47.50

    I'm open to offers and very happy to trade, but more likely to accept if we're dealing on more than one 'measly' minifigure. My wants lists, sets here and minifigures here, although they still need updating

    "Cast off the shoe! Follow the gourd!"
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