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Lego Trains 9V and other sets for sale - LONDON and BRUSSELS

herrKherrK Member Posts: 29
Hi all

Over the past couple of years I've sold quite a few items via eBay. Surprisingly much less via brickset forum despite no extra fees and with lower prices...

I'm constantly resizing/changing my collection and if you are interested please check the link:

I'd be quite happy to reduce prices for Brickset community, but this must be via collection and cash payment only

I've plenty more so please PM me and ask spreadsheets so you can look through my collection...

Just a little note that I would part with #10182 Cafe Corner for £1500 cash!!!

I'd also appreciate some feedback about prices for sets I've listed (I do crosscheck with bricklink too...)

All the best



  • herrKherrK Member Posts: 29
    On a additional note the collection is listed on ebay @ £8,819.00 which I believe is just a bit above Bricklink values.

    Considering private arrangements and no fees, I would part with what's listed on ebay (minus 2x maersk and 1x 4547) for £6,000 which roughly counting gives you about 2k off entire price...

    I would accept bank transfer that of course must clear before collecting. happy to prepare confirmation of sale for both parties.

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