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Hello, we are students from the Windesheim University of Applied Sciences. For one of our subjects, Research Skills, we have to conduct a small research. The focus is more on learning the skills of doing a research rather than the subject of the research itself. Therefore we were completely free to choose a subject of our liking and we went for our hobby and passion, LEGO.

With our research we want to find out if there is a (strong) correlation between LEGO in education and the field of education and/or work of people.

We would really appreciate if you could take some of your time to fill out our survey. It wont take long ±3 minutes.


Tim, Edwin & Mats


  • 77ncaachamps77ncaachamps Aspiring Time Traveler Stuck in the West (US)Member Posts: 2,439
    Can someone please take this survey and tell me if it has a virus?

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