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[US] WTTF Disney Princess Minidolls - Have CMF

goshe7goshe7 Columbus, Ohio, USAMember Posts: 515
I'm looking to start a collection of the Disney Princess Minifigs.  Starting from zero, so anything listed in the Brickset minifig category for this theme is of interest.  (Note that includes the enchanted furniture from Belle's castle set, which I would like to have stickers).  I'll update the post periodically as I hopefully knock some off the list.  This will be for collection display purposes; I would like new or once-assembled/never-played condition of the figs.  

I have a good number of CMF that I can offer for trade.  All are in New condition.  With the exception of the Series 3 Elf, all the CMF packets have been opened so that I can be confident of the content. 

My preferences for trades are:
- Reasonably equivalent value (Mostly BL sales history)
- Multiple item (to save on postage)
- Focus on the harder and most expensive items first (out of production)

Here is what I have available:

Series 3
8803-9 Elf (10) - 9 are still sealed, one opened package

Series 5
8805-2 Gladiator (1)

Series 7
8831-8 Galaxy Patrol (2)

Series 8
8833-2 Conquistador(1)
8833-8 Businessman (1)

Series 9
71000-7 Chicken Suit Guy (1)
Also have about 8 of the Chicken Suit Guy in the Iconic Easter set
71000-16 Plumber (1)

Series 11
71002-2 Scarecrow (1)
71002-7 Holiday Elf (1)
71002-8 Yeti (1)
71002-11 Scientist (1)
71002-15 Constable (2)

Series 12
71007-1 Wizard (1)
71007-3 Fairytale Princess (1)
71007-14 Piggy Guy (1)

Series 13
71008-3 Unicorn Girl (6)
71008-4 Snake Charmer (1)
71008-12 Samurai (1)
71008-14 Hot Dog Man (8)

Series 14
71010-5 Plant Monster (3)
71010-6 Fly Monster (2)
71010-8 Zombie Cheerleader (8)
71010-9 Tiger Woman (10)
71010-10 Gargoyle (6)
71010-11 Skeleton Guy (2)
71010-13 Zombie Businessman (1)

Series 15
71011-6 Flying Warrior (1)
71011-13 Shark Suit Guy (3)

Series 17
71018-3 Gourmet Chef (1)
71018-4 Corn Cob Guy (2)
71018-9 Connoisseur (4)
71018-13 Rocket Boy (4)
71018-16 Highwayman (1)

71017-1 Lobster-Lovin' Batman (1)
71017-2 Glam Metal Batman (1)
71017-3 Fairy Batman (3)
71017-4 Clan of the Cave Batman (2)
71017-10 Pink Power Batgirl (1)
71017-11 Red Hood (1)
71017-13 Nurse Harley Quinn (2)
71017-14 Orca (13)
71017-17 March Harriet 
71017-18 Calculator (3)

71019-1 Kai Kendo (1)
71019-5 Garmadon (1)
71019-10 Zane (1)
71019-13 Shark Army Angler (1)
71019-20 N-POP Girl (1)

71005-8 Krusty the Clown (1) - No package


  • CCCCCC UKMember Posts: 20,526
    I don't know if you know, but Cogsworth the clock is coming in a Juniors set, so he will also be available soon as a non-stickered part.
  • goshe7goshe7 Columbus, Ohio, USAMember Posts: 515
    I've whittled down the wanted list through some trades and purchases.  Here is what I am still looking for:

    dp002 - Merida
    dp006 - Rapunzel with Bows
    dp007 - Flynn Rider
    dp008 - Cinderella Two-colored Dress
    dp010 - Rapunzel with 3 bows
    dp015 and dp035 - Elsa - Sparkly Light Aqua Cape. Looking for 2, but I can get variants from either
    dp020 - Kristoff
    dp023 - Ariel Mermaid Crown and Flowers
    dp032 - Rapunzel with 2 Flowers
    dp033 - Anna - Dark Turquoise Cape
    dp034 - Elsa - Medium blue Long Narrow Cape
    dp041 - Anna - Sand Green Top, Dark Green Dress
    dp042 and dp054 - Looking for 2, but I can get the variants from either
    dp053 - Ariel mermaid, Pink Top, Flower in Hair

    Although not my first choice, I can do international trades as well.  Given the high postage rates from the USA to anywhere international, I would prefer international trades to be larger (something like $40 or more approximate trade value).

  • vwong19vwong19 San DiegoMember Posts: 1,191
    Good luck with your collection. Would love to see images when you have everything together. Definitely a cool collection to be had and the envy of many Disney enthusiast.
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