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[UK] Free Giant Chess Set Box

ljames28ljames28 Member Posts: 88
edited January 2012 in Marketplace
Would anyone be interested in just the box from the giant chess set? It's a a big pretty box, approx 57 x 64 x 20 cm.

I parted one out a few years back and still have the box in an outer shipping box. I'm happy to ship it for free anywhere in the UK.


Full Desc: "Outside of box is fine, inside is missing mini-fig tray. There is a sleeve that is meant to cover the minifig tray and would have a clear window in it but that window is missing. Basically you get the outside case and an empty gap inside."


  • maybertsmayberts Member Posts: 68
    if this is still available, I would be very interested
  • ljames28ljames28 Member Posts: 88
    Certainly is :) If you'd like it, PM me and we can sort out courier etc
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