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FS (UK) Assorted Sets (used/new) UCS Falcon, Green(ish) Grocer, Modulars,

iso3200iso3200 Member Posts: 2,065
edited April 2018 in Marketplace
I’ve got a few things that I’d like to shift to raise money for some life priorities (I need to raise 2k for a camera lens!)

First up is a 10179 UCS Falcon

This has been Bricklinked. Most of the parts were bought brand new from B&P or Bricklink. All the pieces are the correct colour with the except of the 5x5 technic corners which are black and the LBG grey levers have been replaced by light grey levers.

Bar 6.6L has been replaced by bar 6L
The large dark red plate has been replaced by two smaller dark red plates. The dish is unprinted.

The rigging supplied is both a replica pair and an original LEGO pair of LBG (Brand new never fitted) from B&P.

I’m honest saying that it was collated such a long time ago I cannot remember exactly everything but all the parts are there to build it. I haven’t built it myself, but another bricksetter has to confirm you can. There’s a couple of comments come back about a substitution here or there that I may have missed, and a few of the used parts show their age so a minor list of parts that may need attention.

There is a non original printed instruction manual. There is a replica sticker.

So I’d describe it as built once, and 99% complete. Be prepared to tweak a couple of minor bricks.

I’m asking £350 and if I can sell it on here rather than the hassle of eBay I’ll throw in a complete set of mini figures for it (all original).


10185 Green(ish) Grocer
Bricklinked with substitutions. Most notable the upper floors sides and back use lime green instead of sand green but from the front you wouldn’t know and 1x4s have been used extensively instead of 1x8's. There’s a few other minor colour changes (awning) and the sand green groove bricks have been changed to masonry profile bricks. It looks like I didn’t quite finish as there’s no railing detail on top of the roof. Probably ideal for someone who wants to Bricklink one themselves as most of it is here. I can post more detailed pics to anyone who’s interested via PM but you can see here what you'll end up with. No minifigs.

Looking for £220


Custom Modular Townhouse
This is one of Kristels

It looks great. I built in medium as I had loads to hand, and I think it’s 99% complete. Some of the whites on the sides are showing signs of discolouration but the front is still looking pretty much ok. You may want to switch out some whites on the sides perhaps but if it’s in a street you won’t know. I can PM detailed pics to anyone who is interested.

Looking for £120 or sensible offer.


I also have a few new items, and while I can’t offer "be kind to Bricksetter" (i.e. at cost) prices I can keep them on the lower side of the current market after examining eBay and Bricklink EU.

These are all new sealed, but I won’t claim they are mint, just brand new in sealed boxes. Basically I can’t get to them while I type this and I won’t bother looking them out unless someone wants to buy ;-)

#10224 Town Hall £375
#10229 Haunted House £275
#4000016 Billund Airport £60

All sets will be plus postage/carriage at cost, or for the bigger items you’re welcome to collect with cash in Tunbridge Wells area of Kent.

Might pop some more bits up later.

No comments, requests or proposals on the thread please. Might take an offer but no lowballs please. We all know what stuff is worth.

PM’s only.


  • FireheartFireheart Member Posts: 631
    Pm sent. :)
  • iso3200iso3200 Member Posts: 2,065
    UCS Falcon and Billund Airport have been sold.

    Town Hall and Haunted House are staying in the cupboard. Raised funds via selling some other stuff and my new lens has been acquired. Oh happy day :-)

    Mods please close @drdavewatford @CapnRex101 @Huw many thanks.

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