The right piece to join axle to standard brick

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I'm using LEGO Digital Designer (Enhanced) to aid in the design and construction of a sailboat. Mast (vertical), boom (horizontal) and sail cover (blue) (see diagram) are currently all built of standard bricks, but I want to try to make mast and boom out of axles (the + things) instead.

I cannot seem to find any parts that will allow me to attach the brick sail cover to the boom axle or to the mast axle (either one will do).

BTW, it is not critical that it be a part supported by LDD; if there's a part out there that works, I will buy it, even if I can't use it in LDD.

See my diagram. The red X is what I currently have built, and the sail cover (blue) attaches to the brick boom fine (see 1 in diagram). I want to see if I can use axles instead (the green checkmark), but I can't find any pieces that cross over from axle to brick.

2 and 3 in diagram are also places where I'll want to attach bricks to the axle (as well as cables), but that won;t matter if I can't secure the sail cover to the boom.

Are there such parts?



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