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Brickset Bonusball Bonanza - The Mr_Cross 'Rebuild-a-Polybag' Edition - UK draw 21/04/2018

Mr_CrossMr_Cross East Anglia (UK)Member Posts: 776
It is my pleasure to host the Bonusball again.

In a minor twist to the usual proceedings, you have almost a whole week to enter because I'm setting a building challenge. Inspired in part by snowhitie's recent GWP building contest.

1. Pick any polybag you own and build an alternate model.
2. Take a photo, doesn't have to be brilliant, this isn’t meant to be too serious.
3. Post your picture in this thread, stating which set you used. You don't have to write any supporting statement unless you want to.

I'd prefer you built something new, but as I'm not going to check the whole of the LEGOnet, I'm going to leave that to your own conscience.

Here is my 35 minute effort using #30349:

I have used every piece from the set including the extra pieces in my model, but you don't have to. I will accept a perfunctory joining of elements, mosaic like layouts and pretty much anything you see fit to submit as your entry but please do let me know which set you have used.
You may also add a minifigure and/or the obligatory Brickset sausages to your build if you would like, but otherwise you should only use parts from one polybag. Again, I'm not going to check.

Crumbs aren't compulsory in your picture, I've added those simply out of contempt for the quality of my alternative build. I was also trying to photograph it quickly before my kids tried to “help”.

As I'm asking for a photo for each entry I feel I should also ask you to please try to reduce the size of your photo and try keep the file size down too, even if you are hosting it elsewhere.

As usual, first 59 posts are assigned a corresponding number, if your number is pulled as the Bonusball in the draw for the UK lottery in the draw on 21st April 2018, you win.

I have another #30349 as the prize this week and if I think a build is just really good, clever or amusing, I may dig around in my collection for something else, so missing the first 59 places might not matter, especially if your entry is truly brilliant.
Finally then, to reiterate, you must MAKE something and include a PHOTO in your post, simply stating a polybag number and saying you'd build “something really cool” won't qualify, sorry.

As always, thanks must go to @snowhitie who organises this weekly feel good frivolity, she is always looking for new hosts so please drop her a PM if you'd like to help.


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