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NEED MOC GEARS HELP - Infinity Gauntlet Vault

I'm looking for some help on a MOC I'm working on. I started building the fault to house my infinity gauntlet seen in the end credits of avengers Age of Ultron.  I have figured out all three doors and how to open them but the problem is I'm looking for a way to make it a sequence with a single crank.  I want to twist it and have the first door open and once that one is open have the other door activate.  Any suggestions? or tutorials to help with gear doors?  


  • slfrodenslfroden Member Posts: 3
    edited April 2018
    I'm not familiar with that scene in the movie, but perhaps you can get some inspiration from this video by JK Brickworks:

    I also have a video (shameless plug) that might help:

    You could replace the linear actuators with another gear system as needed.
    This is the video description from YouTube:
    A proof-of-concept to realise the control of two Lego linear actuators using a single Lego motor.
    The top linear actuator has more resistance than the bottom one due to the white rubber belt.
    When the motor spins, it turns the differential, which provides power to the bottom linear actuator since it has less resistance.
    Once the bottom linear actuator has extended or retracted as far as it will go, it's resistance becomes greater than the resistance provided by the white rubber belt, and the power from the differential then transfers to the top linear actuator.
    The key to getting this working well is getting the resistance of the white rubber belt just right.
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