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Copenhagen to Billund

nmualumninmualumni Michigan, USAMember Posts: 52
We are going to be on a cruise in late May, stopping in Copenhagen for a long day (arrive 10am - depart 4am). Is it possible (and practical) to try to get to Billund for a visit to the Lego House?

It will just be my wife and I, so no need to spend time at Legoland riding rides, etc. Just basically want to visit Lego and see it in person. I understand it would be a lengthy train ride, but it will (probably) be the closest I will ever get.

Anyone have any tips?

Thanks in advance.


  • PowderfingerPowderfinger SwedenMember Posts: 52
    You won't make there and back again by train, it is a 50 min flight but to and from the airports...
  • HuwHuw Brickset Towers, Hampshire, UKAdministrator Posts: 6,699
    According to Google Maps you could drive it in 3 hours but to be perfectly honest I'd stay in CPH and enjoy the city. There's a lot to see and do, this being my particular favourite, after the LEGO store of course...

  • The_RancorThe_Rancor Dorset, UKMember Posts: 1,201
    edited April 2018
    Just to cover all the bases here, it can take somewhere between 3 and 3.5 hours to travel by train to Billund, because the initial train is followed by a relatively long bus ride. The train doesn't actually stop very close to Billund and its airport. I took it on a trip a few years ago but I had already travelled into Copenhagen for a few days and had a flight out from Billund airport, so I didn't need to worry about travelling back again.

    So in summary I agree with Huw you are best off enjoying what Copenhagen has to offer. I personally would recommend visiting Nyhavn purely for the food because their seafood is fantastic and the surroundings are great. I'd also thoroughly recommend visiting one of the royal palaces in Copenhagen. The Lego store has multiple floors and has some good Lego stock and showpiece decorations, such as a history of the Lego logo.
  • FireheartFireheart Suffolk, UKMember Posts: 608
    I would tell the cruise ship that you will meet them at the next stop location, so leave without you. And take a flight from Copenhagen To Billund, spend a day at the Lego House.
    Then get a flight to wherever the cruise ship stops next...

    Coming all they way from the US and being that close to Billund.. but not able to go.. painful..
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