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Wanted: Red store display brick

mpfirnhabermpfirnhaber Member Posts: 65
I'm looking for a red store display brick from someone in the USA. Either style is good (old logo or new logo) as long as it's in nice condition.

We can talk money or trade. I have three other store display bricks available - blue, yellow, and green, that I would be willing to swap for a red. I also have some prototype parts, test bricks, and slotted bricks available for trade.


  • SumoLegoSumoLego Member Posts: 15,217
    (Any chance you could post a photo of what you are looking for?)
  • Mr_CrossMr_Cross Member Posts: 1,672
    @SumoLego I believe the part @mpfirnhaber is after is this one:
    Size is about 25 x 50 x 17.5 cm

    Please correct me if I'm wrong and this isn't the item you're after mpfirnhaber.
  • mpfirnhabermpfirnhaber Member Posts: 65
    Yep, that's the one. It's the same size as the large storage box.

    I had a red one but I sold it, and now I regret it, so I want another one.

    Here's a pic that includes my old red one. I still have the other three, and will trade for red.

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