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Technic Mack Anthem

NeilJamNeilJam USAMember Posts: 272
Was unsure when I first saw it, but finally decided I want to get the Mack Anthem when I saw Technic figures will fit inside. I do wish they had chosen a different color for the bulldog piece though. Silver might have come out better than gold, and of course a chrome piece would have been awesome.

I do think it needs improvements and was wondering what anyone has done to customize this set.

The included trailer is lacking in appearance due to it being short (I figure the truck was the designers' main focus).
A big box trailer would look nice, but will take a lot of bricks for even a respectable length unless I can find enough panel pieces in one color. May go with a flatbed trailer and some interesting cargo such as another Technic vehicle, but would need something in scale and somewhat realistic like the Mack is. Maybe a trailer specifically for construction vehicles with a removable tongue for the vehicle to drive off near ground level.

It needs more wheels. Someone at Lego must be unfamiliar with the term 18-wheeler, as this tractor-trailer combo only has 10 which is what the truck alone should have. What wheel/tire can be used to replace the included ones to give it proper dual tires for the truck's rear axles and the trailer. Looks like this wheel/tire combo used in many Model Team models might work. Anyone know if these fit within the front wheel-well?

Also thinking of adding motors for remote control operation. Will need to get an XL motor (don't want to take it out of the 6x6 Tow Truck) )unless a smaller will do for the drive motor. Already have an extra small motor for steering (as used in the 6x6) and extra receivers from trains.


  • M1J0EM1J0E Calgary, ABMember Posts: 644
    Thanks for posting this.  I’ve been wanting to get this set, & figured I’d try fitting technic figs inside once I got it built since it appears scaled for them.  I’d read somewhere, though I don’t have the link now,that a gold bulldog means the truck is completely Mack, whereas a silver/chrome one would indicate someone else’s engine is in the truck.  Not certain on details or accuracy, but I believe the gold bulldog was a purposeful choice.
  • Johnyk668Johnyk668 Melbourne, Australia Member Posts: 73
    edited March 2018
    I fixed what I thought was an unfinished looking top of the windscreen. 

    A medium motor fits perfectly in between the chassis rails and gives the Mack enough speed to look realistic. 

    I've also installed another medium motor vertically in the sleeper cab for steering but need to work out how many elastic bands I need to return the steering to centre .

    Both motors are powered by one battery pack located directly behind the sleeper cab. 

  • NeilJamNeilJam USAMember Posts: 272
    edited April 2018
    M1J0E I googled gold vs. silver bulldog for Mack trucks and results appear to confirm the difference you explained.

    Johnyk668 Thank you for showing the drive motor placement. The added 1x8 tile over the windscreen is a great suggestion. That simple mod adds so much aesthetically it's hard to believe the designers didn't think of it.

    Ordered the Mack late last night once the Minifigure factory promo took effect as I don't want to miss that. Decided to forego double points the previous week to have this instead.

    I also saw that Amazon had #42053 Volvo EW160E at rrp so I got that to have some alternative realistic cargo. It appears to be about the same scale and looks like the Technic figs may fit at the controls. The All-Terrain Crane #42082 coming out later this year appears to include a small building assembly that I will be adding to the cargo

    While perusing the instructions online I saw there is a hole in the passenger door for a window. I plan to fill that with a clear 1x1 brick and plates and hope to find a way to install an actual windscreen piece instead of leaving it at just a frame. May even replace the sleeper panels with window stickers later using regular bricks.

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