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Breaking windows with new 10193 set

I'll contact Lego for replacements, but wondering if any of you have had this happen. I just bought a new-in-box 10193 Medieval Market Village. I've noticed some pieces snap together loudly, like they're tight. I got to where I'm putting on the windows 30044 and the first one I did didn't seem to want to go on the studs of the brick below it. I pushed harder and it cracked! I took a spare brick out of the pile (not part of the model yet) and carefully tried to put another window on it. Cracked. A third. I went and got the same window out of a newer classic set, and that one snaps on fine. The old one says "2-02 30044" on the bottom. The newer one says "3-03 30044" and the indentations on the underside are slightly (barely noticeably) different. 

There are 17 of these windows. I don't know whether to go ahead and try and put them on so I can tell Lego CS that they all cracked, or just ask for 17 replacements. Even if they go on without cracking, I worry they'll crack in the future. I wonder if Lego CS will balk at sending 17 new ones (unless this is a known problem?)



  • 560Heliport560Heliport Member Posts: 3,872
    The set is old enough that it should be a known problem, and if it is, I hope they'd just send you 17 replacements. You say the newer part is slightly different. That implies that they made a change for some reason- and cracking would be a good reason! Good luck!
  • CathyVTCathyVT Member Posts: 150
    I thought that maybe warming the plastic a little might help - it's not cold in my house, but they were in a closet that was maybe 62F. So I dropped the remaining windows into my sportsbra for a little while. All 3 that I tried before that cracked. After slight warming, (and being very gentle) 4 of the remaining 14 cracked. Once a window got on a brick without cracking, I seem to be able to carefully remove it, put it back on with less caution, and all is OK. I guess I'll just ask for 7. I trust they'll replace the rest if and when they crack.
  • AstrobricksAstrobricks Member Posts: 5,478
    Did they replace them?
  • CathyVTCathyVT Member Posts: 150
    Yes, they replaced them, though at first they didn't want to because I bought the set on eBay. I said I had broken pieces replaced before on sets bought from ebay, and also said I heard reddish brown had problems breaking, and then they said they'd replace them.
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