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AFOLogy Photo Project - Portrait Sitters Required

iso3200iso3200 97 miles from Brickset TowersMember Posts: 1,963
edited March 24 in Community and Events
AFOLogy Photographic Project - Can you help?

I’m doing some new personal photographic projects this year to keep my grey matter ticking and creative juices flowing. One of them is an homage to the Kjeld Kirk Kristiansen painting that I first saw on the Billund Tour a couple of years back. Here's the original painting of Kjeld, painted by (and copyright) Danish artist Thomas Kluge.

The plan is to set up some similar situations with my own spin, processing and "look" on the images, but to do this I require sitters for it. To keep a proper connection to the original piece I'd like some genuine AFOLs who would be happy to sit while I generally arse about behind my camera until I get “the” shot.

What does the sitter get?

1 - An hour or two of my company, which I think you’ll agree is priceless.
2 - A 12” x 12” archival quality print of the final image.
3 - Immortality. These images will be displayed on my own website as a project and possibly other internet photo sites/forums/social media. They might even be printed for a personal exhibition at some stage.
4 - My gratitude and hopefully a warm fuzzy feeling for helping.

Because of my location and available time, I can only travel so far to photograph people, and that will limit me a little. I live in Kent, so can drive and hour (maybe hour and a half) in all directions and will need somewhere close by to park because of the gear I’ll bring. I have relatives in Hampshire so could maybe arrange something around the Portsmouth area too.

All I need is a little space to work in - ideally a kitchen table with some chairs around it and enough to room to put a flash left or right and a pop up background behind. All you have to do is build a set or MOC about.

Here’s some of the sitters I’ve roped in to date. I’m looking for shots like the original, with a heroic pose,

and I’m looking for shots with some personality.

I’d also like to get a few of people building without any eye contact to the camera, so if you’re camera shy but fancy having a go anyway, there’s room for you to join in too :-)

You’ll need to be happy that once your face is on the web though, it could be there forever!

I have a few sitters lined up already, but I need to find some more people so I have options for dates and locations. This may give me scope to photograph more people in the same area on the same day to make my travelling more bearable.

The project will run for some time, or until I get bored of it, but ideally I’d like to get a dozen people or so.

Can you help? Interested? Let me know!

Please send me a PM and rough location or postcode and I’ll try to answer any questions you may have.

Thanks for reading,



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