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Find sets by parts?

dwlorimerdwlorimer United StatesMember Posts: 5
Hi guys!  I'm new the forum, so forgive me if this is a well-known thing.

I'm sorting some large bulk lots to see if there are sets in them.
I've been using rebrickable to look up a unique-looking piece number to try to identify the set it's from.

Is there any way to look up multiple pieces?
Like this --  Find sets that contain BOTH part #4444 AND part #2345.

Some of the parts have come with a few of the parts still attached to each other, and it would be super helpful if I could enter multiple part numbers, and find what set includes all those parts.

By the way, I do NOT want to have to add every part to my inventory in order to do this.  I really would just like a search option - just like rebrickable parts search, but with multiple parts.


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